Saving Sugarcane Cutter

We Envision Mankind's Misery Can Be Alleviated By Other Mankind Who Already Have Received The Comfort.  

We need the following: 

  • Health Care Workers
    R.N. - We need short term visiting RNs to take vitals, triage, diagnose, blood sampling, dispense medication.

      M.D. - We need physicians to help the mission.

      D.D.S. - We need dental extraction skill

      Other Health Care Workers - think what you can do.     

  • Engineering
        Human Excrement Engineering - We need ingenious way to dispose or recycle human waste. Some villages either do not have any or just simple outhouses. We need to contain the waste so that it does not contaminate nearby well water (if any).
        Water Engineering - We need to purify, not just filtering the well water if present void of protozoan and other pathogens.


  • Children Mission - We need short term visiting people who has hearts for children to spend time, play and do arts & craft.


  • Quadrolingual - Creole, English, Korean and Spanish language will be used in this mission. We need people to communicate with the people.

       For those who only speak one language, for example, English, take college level Spanish 101, 102 and Conversational 200 level Spanish if you are to go onto long-term mission. Creole can be learned from self-study of Creole Made Easy Text Book ISBN978-0-9679937-1-3, Workbook ISBN 978-0-9679937-7-5, and Pronunciation Guide ISBN 978-0-9679937-5-1. Korean is one tough language and totally different from Europeans therefore we will rely on translation.


  • Financially Privileged People - We need US dollars to purchase medical equipment, supplies, out-reach food, etc. Even if you cannot physically help at the mission field, you can use your finance capacity to facilitate the mission.


  • Grant Makers - We need financial input from large Grant Makers to achieve this mission.


  • Faith Organizations - We need sponsoring faith organizations to run with this mission.


  • Just People with Good Heart - We need people with a good intention to mingle and visit the sugarcane cutters. Be their friends and give a bit of our compassion that they may have hope.