Saving Sugarcane Cutter

We Envision Mankind's Misery Can Be Alleviated By Other Mankind Who Already Have Received The Comfort.  

Year 2011 Mission Ryan Summary



  1. 40 day-mission; Jan., Feb.,  Mar. 2011

·      Mapping of the 3 villages; Sabana Torsa, Carmona, San Jose

·      Receiving and securing of the medicine cargo shipped

·      Securing a basement garage for medicine storage

·      Start of medical records of the patients in the villages

·      Construction of brand new water delivery system in San Jose

·      Modification and installation of water system at Carmona



  1. June, 2011

Dominican Republic/Haiti

          Continuation of medical care



  1. August, 2011

Meeting with Church of Breathrens board members

Clarified that Mission Ryan’s goals are medical, water and sanitation projects. We do not have the budget for building of church structure and buildings.



  1. September, 2011

Dominican Republic

            Dajabon Deaf School medical care

            Continuation of medical care


                      2 orphanages medical care



  1. November, 2011

Dominican Republic

     Continuation of medical care



Year 2012 Tentative Mission



1.              Jan; 14 days

2.              April; 5 days

3.              July; 14 days

4.              September; 5 days

5.              December 25; 5 days