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Mission Ryan added medical relief program to Port au Prince, Haiti. First trip was in Jan. the second trip was in Feb. and the third in June 2010. We are working with Dominican and Haitian partners. We will deliver life basics, medical care and hope to the devasted people and orphanages, particularly Foyer des Enfants de Demain. 

There is a close link between Haiti earthquake and our original mission in Dominican Republic that those 2 countries share the same economical, spiritual and medical short fall.

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Mission Ryan is seeking 43 sponsors to support 43 orphans in Haiti.

Since the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, Mission Ryan has been working with Foyer des Enfants de Demain Orphanage (FED). It houses 43 children from all walks of abandonment. Not like other orphanages, this particular one does not have any organization or people with on going support or help. A family of 3 runs it. The grandma, Madam Rose is almost bed ridden and her daughter, Claudine and her husband, Edrins work to feed and run the orphanage from their compassionate heart for the lost children.

Mission Ryan goes and helps others with extreme poverty and sadness when others shy away. The condition in that forsaken place is indescribable. It is amazing that the children can still survive in that setting. We feel it is our God given duty and pleasure to make a difference with those forgotten children and bring hope.


 A good work is always simple overcoming the frigid religious barrier. With help of multi denomination effort, we installed water system, new working toilets, plumbing and electricity.


 Now we need ‘sponsors’ who can support the children with $25 per month that we may provide food, water, medicine and teach them how to read and write, We would like to give them directions that they may have a hope in Christ on their journey in their lives.

Julian Choe, M.D. and Mr. Mark Zimmerman are the field executive officers who will over-see the progress and Mrs. Lisa Macintosh ( ) is the Mission Ryan Child Coordinator.

Below is the sponsor information tab. Please fill it out with your contact information and we will communicate with you regarding this noble work for the Children of God. Cut along the line and mail to

Mission Ryan Child
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Julian Choe, M.D., CEO



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