Saving Sugarcane Cutter

We Envision Mankind's Misery Can Be Alleviated By Other Mankind Who Already Have Received The Comfort.  

Report on 40 day mission 01/20/2011 – 03/01/2011


Someone once (maybe three) said that most important thing in this life with your love ones is to spend time together, not giving gift or others. True meaning of being a missionary and to find out whether you have what it takes to be long term missionary is to go for a long term mission. That's where you find out whether you have what it takes, because you can not hide behind a short term project but have to spend time with the people. If you do not have the love for the people, then you would suffer trying to find the project or activity to hide behind.


                           Dominican Republic Side Mission:


Visited every household in 4 sugarcane villages. It was amzaing how much relationship you can build and know what their lives are all about if you actually spend time talking or even gossipping.


Sabana Torsa - 44 household

 Movies every night at the  village field on 9 foot screen. What an experience to watch the movie or rather watching the silver stars on that clear night sky.  Of course, there was a free dinner for all before the movie. There is  nothing worse than watching a movie on an empty stomach and we provided this chiken stew meal.


Started creating medical record for each patients. Started treating hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.




San Jose - 92 household

Medical: testing of DM, HTN & started treatment.

Dug a well, foundation for 1100 gal tank, tubing, water distribution foundation, fence around church property

Restored 2 outhouse, repaint, re-roofing

Visit every household in person and spend time with the natives

Distributed new flip flops, clothes, dry milk, candies




 Carmona - 60 households

Finished reparing and installed new electric submersible pump to siphon the water from 135 feet deep well to a reservior tank. People of Carmona has been without water for many months and seeing the water pouring out from the pipe and the people trying change their bucket was awesome. I know how Moses felt when he saw that water split.






Didn’t get to the mountain village but showed movies and haung out with the people.

Fed - 43 orphans

Bought underwear, bras, filp flops
Spuperficial testing of math skill
Paid rent directly to Landlady – very hard
Visited Red Cross for food – no luck
Met with VO people, Pastor Pierre
Visited Pastor Lyle's Orphanage
Shopping for hotels for future mission