Saving Sugarcane Cutter

We Envision Mankind's Misery Can Be Alleviated By Other Mankind Who Already Have Received The Comfort.  

Below is the trip information. The team is now ready and left for Haiti/Dominican Republic on June 3, 2010. Please, click 'June 2010 Mission Diary' for the journey diary. 

 Haiti/Dominican Republic 2010 Summer Mission Details


Date:   You may choose one of the following trip.

    1. Thursday June 3 – Sunday June 20, 2010 = 18 days
    2. Thursday June 3 – Saturday June 12, 2010 = 10 days
    3. Monday June 12, 2010 – Sunday June 20, 2010 = 9 days 

 Cost:   #1 above approx. $1300 per person 

            #2 above approx $1100 per person

            #3 above approx $1000 per person.

If surplus, will return and  if need more, will ask. This mission not for profit.

·        Van Rental/Gas – it costs 80/day x 18 days = $1440, approximately $500 for gas; divide by 6 people per van = $325/person

 ·        Airfare - $500

 ·        Hotel - $200

 ·        Food - $200

Team Size: We need 6 people to rent a van; we will increase the size of the team by increments of 6.

Living Standard: Be ready to sleep anywhere! We may be in a –1 to +1 star hotel, orphanages, and the floor of a church or in your tent.


What we are going to do:

1. Drive into Port au Prince, Haiti.
2. Drive into sugarcane plantations in Dominican Republic.
3. Provide medical care.
4. Food deliveries to orphanages.
5. Children’s ministries.
6. Evangelical ministries.
7. Pick-up trash ministry.
8. Roach eradication ministry

9. Visit worthwhile visiting places.
10. Have a time of your life and find yourself – find out what you are made of emotionally, physically and spiritually.

 What to Bring/Pack:
One 50 - 70 lbs. suitcase with the following; all must go into your suitcase except tent.

1.      Sleeping bag – will be provided but you must pay for it if lost or damaged

 2.      Sleeping matt

3.      Compact individual tent (need self down time and place)– needs to be small enough for you to hand carry and pitch anywhere in tight space – check Mission Ryan gift registry

4.      2 days worth of emergency food of your choice (granola bars, SPAM, cookies, etc.) – We will also shop for some in Santo Domingo, however be innovative to take care of your own emergency food.

5.      Clothes

6.      Laundry detergent (to hand wash clothes), baby wipes

7.      Swimsuit/Rain jacket

8.      Small towel

9.      Flash light – you must have it with you at all times after dark

10.  Insect repellant and medicine (Absorbine Jr. recommended)

11.  Boots and sandal

12.  One small back pack

13.  Camera

14.  Metal plate or mess kit, eating utensil, metal cup, chop sticks

15.  Water bottle

16.  Passport

17.  Cash, $200-300


 Vaccines recommended: 

    1. Hepatitis A & B two shots – you are responsible, requires serial shot.
    2. Tetanus shot – you are responsible.
    3. Typhoid oral vaccine tablets – prescription will be provided.
    4. Malaria oral tablets – will be provided.


Following are the meeting/prep dates and details


Mission Preparation Journal

·       4/3/2010 1st meeting 2 pm – done

FYI, Gears

·       4/11/2010 7 pm 2nd - done

Update and review

Music – Ken, Shannon – e mail songs and music

Rotating sharing time am and pm


·       4/18/2010 7 pm3rd  - done

Submit sign up sheet, copy of passport, $ (E mail & info at back of passport)

Practice song

Sharing – Lydia Lopez (wow, what a story)

·       4/25/2010 7 pm4th - done

(Church testimony at T.C. 11:30 am & at F.L.C. 5:30 pm – Julian, Mark, Ginger)

Bring support request letter and 7 copies with  signature

Bring food, cooking pot and above stuff including stuff. Will eat dinner at the meeting - not done becasue everyone is not ready

Discuss soap (MR will buy), M&M (each bring one or two family size M&M's), tracts (Mark), stickers & tattoo (Shannon) , nail polish (each lady to get them donated), dry milk(Mark), tooth brush (Ginger)

Sharing - Julian

Bring and set up your own tent - postponed becasue of rain.

Practice songs 

·       5/2/2010 7 pm -5th - done

Practice song

Sharing - Ken, Frank, Marshall

Bring your waiver  and sign up sheet.

Bring the deposit (only 1 person lacking), fin al payment due 5/16.

Bring your e tickets. Julian bring van reservation sheet.

Bring your dinner and the pot.
Bring your tent.
Bring M&M's (everyone), stickers, nail polish, crayon, children's stuff (Trouts), soccer balls (Kathy), baby formula(Kathy),

Will pack some ministry stuff.

Gave prescription for typhoid

Gave sleeping bags

Frank to carry ministry glasses and tracts.

Will discuss ride to and from the airport.


·       5/9/2010 7 pm -6th - done

Bring your tent and put it up; come earlier

Bring water bottle and water in it.

Praise per Ken and his guitar talent

Will pack some ministry stuff, Discuss Malaria pills

Discuss how to do children's ministry

Discuss how to do medical ministry and medical abbreviation

Will take team group picture if everyone present

Sharing - Franki, Austin, Shannon

Practice song

FYI: Scrub tops can be purchased at Goodwill ($2-3) at 400 E. Church St. fredrick, MD. Don't feel shy. We can also wear used clothes like the very people we are trying to help. Their tel=301-663-6893.

·       5/16/2010 7 pm -7th - done - 2 meetings to go before the departure

Praise per Ken and his guitar talent

Practice song

Will pack some ministry stuff - soap, M&M, Milk, meds. will give out Malaria pills.

Will take team group picture if everyone present
Packing done.

SoJin might be joining us.

Final payment due

Sharing - Chelsea, Janice, Kristin

·       5/23/2010 7 pm -8th -done- one more meeting to go before we leave.

Praise per Ken and his guitar talent

Practice song

Sharing - Kathy, Paige, Filip

Team sharing before leaving in 10 days and the whole team must assemble for final prep.

·       5//30/2010 7 pm -9th - done

Praise per Ken and his guitar talent

Team sharing before leaving in 3 days and the whole team must assemble for final prep.


·       6/3/2010 – depart

Meet here at 5 am, be at BWI by 6:30 am, plane leaves at 8:20 am

  • 6/12/2010 Saturday
    Chelsea arriving in DR from US
    First team (#6) return to BWI at 9:35 pm
  • 6/19/2010 Saturday
    Second team (#8) return to  BWI at 9:35 pm
  • Debrief meeting - July 6 2010 7 pm at Kathy Martinez'